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Adult Child Still Living at Home?

Whether it's financial struggles, unexpected divorce, poor planning, or simply the result of unabashed laziness, adult children are moving back home (or never leaving!) at alarming rates.

Unfortunately, the results of such a living situation can wreak havoc on the parents of these adult children, especially if there are no limits or expectations put in place at the start of such an arrangement.

To many parents, having an adult child living at home can be stressful, intrusive, frustrating, and even costly. Often times these parents are faced with frequent arguments, increased tension, less privacy, and seemingly never-ending inconveniences.

The Solution?

Our Contract for an Adult Child Still Living at Home is designed to eliminate the issues that present themselves when co-habitating with an adult child. After all, it's difficult to create and/or to maintain household harmony when the boundaries remain undefined.

How does the Contract work?

The steps to using the Contract for an Adult Child Living at Home are quite simple:

  1. Purchase the Contract click
    (or at the bottom of the page).
  2. Once purchased, the Contract is sent to your inbox (via email) within minutes. (Check your SPAM folder if you have not received it within 10 minutes.)
  3. Parents then download and print the 5-page document.
  4. The Contract is then customized as needed to meet the specific needs of you and your adult child. This is done by filling in the relevant spaces and/or checking off the relevant boxes contained within the Contract.
  5. Both parties sign the Contract.
  6. Parent(s) then enforce(s) the Contract as agreed upon.

It's THAT simple!

What topics are covered in the Contract?

The Contract for an Adult Child Living at Home covers all the issues that seem to pop up once an adult child is allowed to move home.

Examples include: Financial obligations, Education/Employment expectations, household responsibilities, care of pets/children, rules regarding guests and visitors, parking, use of shared resources, and more.

We think you'll appreciate the structure and tranquility that this contract will bring to your home. You can expect less arguing, less conflict, less tension…and most importantly, more peace and tranquility.

How can our Contract for an Adult Child Living at Home benefit your family?

  • Helps to restore peace and order in your home
  • Minimizes arguments and decreases conflict
  • Establishes consistent limits and firm boundaries
  • Helps to promote responsibility and independence
  • Fosters an environment that benefits both parties

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