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Complete Parenting Solutions: Helping Those That Help Families

• Are you a mental health professional that treats children with behavior problems?
• Do you represent an agency that works with families, parents, and/or children?
• Are you a frustrated foster parent looking for ways to manage difficult behavior?


If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then Complete Parenting Solutions may have just what your agency, organization, or facility is looking for.

We offer an exclusive set of printable parenting tools that can also be used effectively by those in the family services fields or by those that work in a therapeutic capacity with children and/or families.

We provide highly affordable, easy-to-use tools that can make a truly positive impact on the lives of the individuals and families you work with.

What are the tools that we have to offer?

Behavior Program (Child Discipline Program)
Our signature product, “The Parent Coach Plan,” is an in-home behavior management program that improves child behavior by helping to establish a household discipline regimen that is firm, fair, consistent, and structured. Includes additional “information” pages as well as a variety of valuable parenting tools and more. Purchase the book or receive as a download.

Behavior Contracts
Prewritten, downloadable behavior contract package that includes a variety of topic-specific behavior contracts. Contracts focus on such issues as respect, responsibility, school, emotional management, following directions, and more. Better behavior is only a signature away!

Behavior Contracts (Teen Version)
Similar to our other behavior contract package except that this one covers issues that are teen-specific. Topics that are covered include dating, driving, cell phone usage, school, character, and more. Along with the teen contracts you will also receive a printable “teen behavior program” and a set of free parenting tools that address various teen issues.

Behavior Improvement Chart
This detailed behavior chart is available as part of our “Behavior Management Package” found here.

Behavior Bucks (Token Economy System)
This fun and easy-to-use token economy system inspires positive behavior and may even have your child (children) taking initiative around the house – imagine that! This tool is available as part of our “Behavior Management Package found here and/or as part of our “Parenting Tools Package” found here.

Contract for an Adult Child Living at Home
This 5-page behavior agreement is for parents with adult children living at home. This contract covers such issues as financial responsibilities, visitors, household expectations, substance use, and more.

Parenting Tools Package
Our most comprehensive package of printable parenting tools includes a little of everything. Print off one of our 20+ behavior management tools or try our “create a contract” application. Also includes therapeutic worksheets (70+ pages), parenting worksheets, a feelings journal, behavior plan, and more!

How can the products offered by Complete Parenting Solutions benefit the community?

Family Support

• Family support organizations and social services departments could benefit greatly by making these tools available to the families they work with.

• The Parent Coach Plan is especially fitting for families that have children returning home from residential treatment or psychiatric hospitalization. What better way is there to follow up residential treatment than with a program modeled after the same type that is used in many residential treatment facilities?